SOCAP End-of-Year CPG Forum Offers Valuable Insight

SOCAP End-of-Year CPG Forum Offers Valuable Insight

December 17, 2021

As part of the SOCAP CPG Fall Summit 2021, a panel of SOCAP members delivered a two-part virtual forum to over 70 representatives for consumer affairs and customer engagement of CPG companies around the globe. First, Kathy McGillivray, Manager, Consumer Affairs at Kellogg’s, presented results for SOCAP’s annual consumer affairs benchmarking survey. McGillivray shined a light on how survey participants manage their social media efforts, where Consumer Affairs is structured in their organizational structure, which social media platforms and tools they utilize, and more.

“SOCAP provides a unique opportunity to stay informed of industry trends, and it’s always important to us to take advantage of these opportunities to learn from and stay engaged with leaders & organizations throughout our industry. Doing so allows our teams to continue to provide innovative, industry-leading customer care to our clients,” said Mark Strassburg, Alta Resources’ Care Service Line Director

The panelists’ reported the “Top 5 Social Media Best Practices” as:

  1. Partner with Marketing…now more than ever
  2. Create a social media playbook
  3. Hire and train the right people to respond
  4. Use technology as an advantage
  5. Establish an escalation process

Each strategy was discussed at length with an opportunity for attendees to ask questions. “We like to see that we’re aligned with many of the benchmarks and best practices already, but are there opportunities to grow even stronger? Absolutely. The day we stop working to improve is the day we stop providing value to our clients. Continuous improvement is in our DNA and part of our six-sigma methodology,” added Strassburg. “We value our long-standing partnership with SOCAP and always look forward to more opportunities to both learn and share industry knowledge.”

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