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Emerging tech
Emerging tech

Empowering Agents in the Changing CX Landscape

In regaining a sense of excitement for collaboration and continued advancement in the distributed work environment, companies are strategically investing in their employees and can adequately equip them to handle their day-to-day workflow.

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At Alta, we understand the unique pressures of fast-growing start-ups and internet companies. When it’s no longer feasible to handle your own customer experience, Alta is ready to help — efficiently and cost-effectively. Customer experience is our specialty.

We know how to scale.

When hypergrowth sets in, scaling is essential to make sure your customer service remains excellent. Alta has it down to a science. With offices in the U.S., nearshore and offshore, we can scale quickly — finding the right people and the right ratio of frontline employees to management.

We understand training.

In our experience, many fast-growing companies haven’t had the time to develop clear training guidelines for customer service. We can help with that. We know what needs to be covered to bring our people up to speed to the level you expect quickly and effectively. 

At Alta, we build dedicated customer experience teams and can meet your staffing demands with rapid, seasonal ramps. When we build customer service teams, we hire passionate and engaged agents that are solely focused on your business.

We embrace your business.

At Alta we take pride in the fact that our employees often say they work for your brand rather than ours. That’s why when you walk through the office, you’ll find that our reps are some of your brand’s best customers and advocates. Full immersion we call it.

You love your brand – so will we.

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