Our business is
a relationship business.

Our Approach
Our Approach

Empowering Agents in the Changing CX Landscape

In regaining a sense of excitement for collaboration and continued advancement in the distributed work environment, companies are strategically investing in their employees and can adequately equip them to handle their day-to-day workflow.

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We’re all about people connecting with other people — how your brand connects with customers and how your customers connect with you.

Our goal? Create bonds between your brand and consumers so that you’re not just selling products but creating customers—for life.

That’s why our priority is understanding what your ideal brand experience looks like. Sounds like. Feels like. Our people become so entrenched in your brand, they’re literally an extension of you. This is how we make the brand experience real for every customer. Every time.

Balance your outsourcing.
Increase your savings.

Our balanced approach to outsourcing allows clients — like you— to not only save money but to also increase the quality of the customer experience. At the start of every engagement, we sit down and ask the important questions. Where are your challenging areas? How can we help you save you the most? How much outsourcing do you really need? With Alta as your partner, we’ll help you decide the just right balance.

Where are your challenging areas?

How can we save you the most?

How much outsourcing do you really need?

And if that ideal balance includes offshoring, know that we keep the same high-quality standards in all of our global offices. Without exception. From a la carte to full-service options, we can structure just the right team for you.

Need to scale fast?
We’re flexible.

Adaptability is another one of Alta’s core traits. Because of our size, we’re able to scale quickly for fast-growing companies and handle bursts of activity for others. We know that your business isn’t always predictable. That’s why we’re small enough for intimate, personalized care, yet big enough to scale as needed.

Think of our people
as your people.

Ask our people who they work for and they’ll likely say your brand. And that’s just fine with us. Because the key to achieving customer satisfaction and retention is fully immersing our people into your brand. The way we integrate with you will set you and your brand up for greater success.

More than high tech.
The right tech.

By embracing new technologies, we’re able to maintain the highest levels of quality while becoming more and more efficient. As customer experience changes from calls and emails to social and chat, we utilize the right technology to keep ourselves and our clients ahead of the game. And because we know that our customers have technology preferences — we’re always able to adapt and implement the new.

Not just innovation.
Innovation that improves your business.

In this business, the term “innovation” is thrown around all the time.  We love innovation, but only when we can use it to improve your business.  At Alta, we talk about Applied Innovation – the tools and technology we use to improve consistency and efficiency.  Two of our main tools for this are Artificial Intelligence and Lean Six Sigma.