We bring great entertainment home.


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In regaining a sense of excitement for collaboration and continued advancement in the distributed work environment, companies are strategically investing in their employees and can adequately equip them to handle their day-to-day workflow.

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Leading entertainment studios have been outsourcing their home marketing and distribution to us for years. Why us? One reason is we maintain your brand integrity. When your movie arrives in the home, it’s your movie, your product, your brand — not Alta’s. Our marketing and distribution are your marketing and distribution.

You do the creating,
we’ll do the selling.

The challenge for studios has often been to find the time and resources to market, sell and distribute products to retailers and consumers. Alta is here to help. You produce the blockbuster hits; we’ll reach the customers. Plus, we leverage multi-channel sales to contact vendors and get studio products displayed on leading retailers’ shelves.

You do the creating,
More than member-based services,

More than member-based services,
fan-based services.

While we process, pick, pack and ship millions of featured DVDs and Blu-ray titles, movie shipments are just the beginning. We work behind the scenes to deliver seamless brand experiences across all touch points. This includes movie-club customer service plus education on cloud-based streaming and digital entertainment. We also do websites, loyalty and rewards programs. We even offer support for motion picture theme parks. We like to have fun here, too.

behind the scenes.

Our fulfillment center is host to full order management, complete with studio-branded movie shipping and invoicing, rebates, gift cards, inserting, promotional mailings, returns handling and more. Order fulfillment is complemented by our financial services, including secure payment processing, credit management and billing.


We keep your customers entertained.

Everyone enjoys the immediacy of live streaming, until it doesn’t stream. At Alta, we’re masters of problem solving the ins and outs of password fails, reboots and other unique challenges.  We’ll keep your shows on the air and your customers entertained.

Game on. For the win.

Ready player one? Our reps are always ready. They love supporting gaming and many are huge gamers themselves. We can help explain the intricacies of even the most complex games, all while upselling and increasing your revenue.

You entertain us.
Let us perform for you.

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