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Everything we do at Alta focuses on people, fulfillment included. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game, and we do it well. To us, fulfillment is yet another opportunity to deliver a satisfying, brand experience, from order to delivery. This is why we mirror your brand right down to the packaging and invoicing that accompanies each transaction. It’s your brand we’re building, your customers we’re reaching — with results that speak for themselves. We deliver satisfaction over 11 million times a year all around the world.

Our specific fulfillment services include:

FDA Fulfillment (OTC, Medical Devices, Food)

Meeting the needs our client’s and their customers is our priority. In 2020, we expanded our suite of fulfillment services to include some FDA-compliant fulfillment. Being both a food grade and FDA compliant facility, we’re able to store and ship food, over-the-counter drugs and Class I medical devices, on behalf our health care and CPG clients. Being in tune with our client’s and understanding their customers, we were able to add a solution that helps service the customers we love.

Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

Your customer’s brand experience doesn’t end when they purchase your products or donate to your cause. Alta Resources’ direct-to-consumer (D2C) fulfillment services get your merchandise in their hands on time and budget. The process is seamless, from beginning to end, so your customers never know Alta Resources is behind the order.

After-Contact Fulfillment

At Alta Resources, our after-contact fulfillment services turn your customer’s brand experience into a win for you. By integrating with your systems, including customer service, our fulfillment experts transparently respond on your behalf via product replacement, check, coupon, literature and gift-card mailings. We also seamlessly handle product retrievals on your behalf. Satisfying your customers, keeping them loyal to you, in the process.

Product Sampling & Specialty Fulfillment

By knowing our clients and their customers, we’re able to provide premium product sampling, product kitting and gifting services. Our specialty fulfillment showcases the lengths we will go when sending brand-specific items, on behalf of our client’s businesses. From small pilots to millions of large, complex shipments annually, each shipment comes with fully integrated order tracking and returns processing, including options to integrate with our customer service and e-commerce solutions.

Member-Based Fulfillment

Being a leader in club-based product fulfillment, we’re expertly positioned to understand your members. Every year, more than 10 million units of movies, books, gift cards and more, leave our fulfillment center and ship directly to expecting members. We can easily adapt programs to meet new technology and become fully integrated across your fulfillment, customer service and e-commerce services. We provide subscription-based fulfillment services for world-renowned CPG and entertainment brands that you know and love, keeping your members and donors happy.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Fulfillment

As fulfillment experts, we help distribute our client’s promotional bundles, point-of-sale displays, overstocked items, specialty packs and new-product samples with speed and ease. We ship to third-party wholesalers and distributors, as well as directly to stores on behalf of our clients.

Loyalty & Rewards

We want to make sure your customers stay your customers for life. Our expertise in loyalty and rewards programs comes from the years of experience we’ve gained after working with world’s most recognized brands on developing their own loyalty programs. From points redemption to gift cards to actual products, Alta has done it all. We will ensure your brand’s experience is delivered to your customers, anywhere in the world. Keeping your customers loyal is our ultimate reward.

Reverse Logistics

At our state-of-the-art fulfillment center, near our Wisconsin headquarters, we help our client’s brands by both shipping replacement products and refunding customers’ accounts. In fact, companies in a variety of verticals, including entertainment, CPG and nonprofits, leverage our two-way shipping & receiving to deliver branded experiences with a cost-efficient process. We make handling returns simple and quick.

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