What we say comes

to life
in what we do.

Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles

Empowering Agents in the Changing CX Landscape

In regaining a sense of excitement for collaboration and continued advancement in the distributed work environment, companies are strategically investing in their employees and can adequately equip them to handle their day-to-day workflow.

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We talk a lot about our focus on people at Alta. There’s a reason for that. We truly care about people, their livelihood, their well-being, their health. And that includes our own employees as well as the clients and customers we serve.

This is why we’ve established a set of guiding principles. You’ll see them here, displayed in each of our offices, on our mission statements and more. We live and abide by these principles daily. It’s who and what we are. Most importantly, it’s what we do.


Great companies partner with Alta Resources because we deliver defined results, and do so with passion, focus and a sense of urgency.


We foster diversity — different backgrounds, different cultures and different points of view — to fuel the solutions and results we deliver for our clients.


We are successful because of the strong, lasting relationships we build with each other, those we serve and our business partners.


We are — individually and collectively — trustworthy, high in character, accountable and proficient, demonstrating respect and honesty in all that we do.


We communicate openly, honestly, appropriately and responsively — internally and externally — to ensure needs are understood, accountability is clear, information is shared and ideas are heard.


We balance work and family and contribute positively to our communities.


We must be financially strong to invest in the people, technology, quality and capabilities necessary to create solutions and deliver results for our clients, now and in the future.

It all means we’re a company that’s on your side and will work to help you and your brand prosper in whatever way we can.