Compliance & Ethics

Alta Resources strives to create a compliant and ethical workplace – the responsibility and right of every one of our employees. Alta is committed to an environment where our company and employees follow all applicable and appropriate laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices.

Alta has established, and continually works to maintain, policies, procedures and an overall culture, to help ensure a consistent philosophy of compliance and ethical behavior is observed at all times.

This is evident in the Guiding Principles and Strategic Mandates we use as the foundation of every decision we make.

Alta has a Corporate Culture based on our Guiding Principles. This Culture helps drive performance as it creates a work environment conducive to respect and collaboration. It is an ever-present philosophy at all Alta’s locations, and it permeates from the top down. Alta Resources is committed to human rights and a proper labor environment, helping our employees stay engaged and achieve improved performance as a result. Alta’s compliance program includes:

  1. Organizational implementation of compliance policies, standards and procedures.
  2. The assignment of high-level personnel to oversee compliance.
  3. Due care in avoiding delegation to individuals whom the organization knew, or should have known, had a propensity to engage in illegal activities.
  4. Communication of standards and procedures through training programs and employee awareness.
  5. Establishing a reporting system and publicizing it so allegations of employee misconduct can be reported without fear of retaliation.
  6. Appropriate and equitable discipline of individuals responsible for the failure to detect or report an offense.
  7. Developing appropriate responses to offenses by taking all reasonable steps to respond appropriately and to prevent further similar offenses, including any modification of programs.
Code of Conduct Image

Alta’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Alta Resources’ Code of Business Conduct & Ethics is the cornerstone of our Compliance and Ethics Program. It guides our actions, our decisions and our operations. By understanding and following the Code, our employees help safeguard Alta’s integrity and reputation as an ethical, caring company focused on its employees and its customer relationships.

Click here to view Alta’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

This Code is grounded in our Guiding Principles (Results, Diversity, Relationships, Integrity, Communication, Community, Strength), and it serves as a common-sense guide to help Alta employees make good business decisions. Each employee is expected to read, understand and follow the Code, as it will help:

With our employees embracing these Guiding Principles and the Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, our clients know they can depend on Alta to provide their customers with high-quality, personable and professional service. Our success is built on the trust, mutual respect and confidence in interactions amongst ourselves and those of whom we serve.

Service Organization Controls

Building trust and confidence in systems is critical for service organizations. Our systems must possess the ultimate in security and reliability. 

PCI Compliance

As keeper of critical data, we take security over e-commerce and payment processing very seriously, protecting consumers against identity theft, fraud & other privacy concerns.

Securing Alta’s Future Environment

We have complex information systems and technologies. Building trust and confidence in that infrastructure is critical for service organizations like Alta Resources.