PCI Compliance

Today’s online shoppers have serious concerns when it comes to exchanging sensitive data such as credit card information. At Alta Resources, take security over e-commerce and payment processing very seriously – protecting consumers against identity theft, fraud, and other privacy concerns.

Because we process millions of credit cards annually on behalf of leading brands, as well as store cardholders’ financial information, we must meet the payment-card industry’s (PCI) strict Data Security Standards (DSS), which are governed by the Security Standards Council.

Sensitive About Data, Secure in Our Facilities

Every year, the Council conducts a data-hosting audit which consists of 12 requirements for protecting consumers’ financial information, to ensure that our environment maintains the highest level of compliance: level one. Our level-one status means we have achieved a level of trust given only to the largest payment-card processors.

Maintaining PCI compliance is required for every company that processes, stores and transmits credit-card information, ensuring the integrity of their systems and the security of their physical, hardware, software and network access points. Because we process millions of cards annually on behalf of multiple clients, we are held to the highest standard.

Failure to uphold high level, payment-card security can result in hefty fines and the forfeiture of credit-card-processing privileges. Even worse, it jeopardizes the vital relationships we have formed with world-leading brands, as well as the trust that their customers have in a secure shopping experience.

In addition to securest-of-the-secure PCI DSS compliance, we have other checkpoints in place to safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) beyond financial data. In fact, our S.A.F.E. initiative takes our PCI compliance a step further, ensuring good standing with leading, respected agencies.