Technical support

As your brand operates in a world of digital devices, entertainment gadgets and online access, tech-savvy consumers will increasingly require help-desk support. At Alta Resources, we’re techies, happy to wear pocket protectors for your brand — all because we understand both consumers and technology, bridging the divide that often exists between them:

It’s our job to keep your customers in love with technology. We want them to understand and treat their user manuals as informational road maps. We take it upon ourselves to help consumers embrace technology and the digital marketplace. We use tech support as a touch point to gain customer loyalty and retention.

Technical Customer Support, From Help Desk to Desktop Services

Whether you need live agents to man your technical-support help desk 24/7 or an online portal to offer customers self-service, we’re experienced in meeting brands’ highly specialized needs. In fact, one of our first clients was a leading entertainment brand for which we developed a member-based movie club coupled with technical-support services.

Like technology always does, it evolved. And Alta Resources answered the call, helping the client transition its customers through the media evolution, from DVD to Blu-ray to online streaming. We even have a tech-intensive team dedicated solely to cloud-based streaming, and an in-house testing lab gives our tech-support specialists hands-on access to those physical products and digital services affecting your customers.

While technology is prone to change, our core remains deeply rooted and unchanged. We stand by our commitment to offer: