At Alta we have set a high standard for securing our customers’ data and our clients’ peace of mind. Operating in a changed world of highly sensitive personal information and privacy concerns, we have best practices rooted in system integrity, security and auditing compliance. We currently foster a S.A.F.E. environment that complies with multiple agencies, such as the FDA, HIPAA and more.

In addition to compliance audits in progress, we, along with the largest payment-card processors, have joined the ranks of the securest of the secure. Because we transact millions of payment cards annually on behalf of multiple clients, we must satisfy a yearly audit, which includes employee training, facility-access controls and system tests. Passing the audit gives us top-tier status (level one) with the payment-card industry’s (PCI) Data-Security Standards, governed by the Security Standards Council.

We will do everything possible to ensure that your data and your customers’ data is safe with us.