Grow Your Revenue by Getting SaaS-y

Rather than wish on a cloud for a better way to manage your e-commerce platform, why not use the cloud? Many e-commerce platforms and specialized business applications require you to host via your servers, necessitating ongoing management and maintenance, but our software-as-a-service (SaaS) model eliminates the hassle.

By managing the platform on our end, we can pass immediate benefits, like convenience and cost savings, onto you. You could run your own enterprise software and deal with skyrocketing internal costs, like IT support, or you could outsource your software maintenance and support to Alta Resources, where our core strengths of hosting and managing specialized e-commerce applications are already in place.

A SaaS-y Approach to E-commerce

We build your SaaS-based solution, including self-service e-stores with mobile and social integration, on an understanding of what makes a brand-differentiating shopping experience. Moreover, we build it using our proprietary technology, designed with security and scalability in mind.

Scalability enables us to integrate our technology across all phases of order-to-cash e-commerce and also apply it to every channel your customers are using. In fact, our holistic e-commerce approach means our software-development services carry over to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more — all tested for the user friendliness that’ll keep your brand on par with customer expectations.

And rather than you staying current with back-end platform updates, patch upgrades and security issues that affect your users, our solution is turnkey. We handle everything on your behalf, from security and design to implementation and testing:

Our SaaS solution also comes with the best-practices expertise of a software-services provider that has proven e-commerce results for leading brands. We are a trusted partner because of our software-development technology and industry compliance with security and payment-processing standards. And our integrated approach ensures that e-commerce and your core business processes all work together.