Alta Resources Announces Expansion of it Belize City Office

Alta Resources Announces Expansion of it Belize City Office

May 25, 2021

Belize City, BZ (May 25, 2021) – Alta Resources Corp., a global customer service outsourcing company supporting Fortune 500 companies, continues to drive growth in its Belize City, Belize office.

Alta’s Vision is to be an industry leader for global, customer-related outsourcing solutions. Many of Alta’s client partners are world-class global brands and strategic expansions such as this, help serve the global needs of their respective industries, and consumers.

Opened in 2019, Alta’s Belize office initially launched with a 70-person team providing care for a global footwear & fashion brand. Since then, we are excited at the creation of over 130 new jobs providing brand differentiating customer care.

On the heels of this incredible growth, Alta recently built-out an additional floor in their current facility and are in the process of adding a second location which plans to open later this year.

Additionally, in May, Alta will be launching a new program in its Belize facility providing care for a multinational automotive manufacturer. “I continue to be impressed by the enthusiasm and level of talent we have seen from our Belize team. Their passion for care is infectious and steadily convincing our client partners to consider a nearshore solution. In the coming weeks we will have Director, Management, and Customer Service positions available that we need talented Belizeans to fill.” said Dave Quandt, Alta Resources Senior Vice President of Operations.

“Alta Resources is led by our Guiding Principles. It’s who and what we are. Most importantly, it’s what we do. At the very top of these principles is Results; Great companies partner with Alta Resources because we deliver defined results, and do so with passion, focus and a sense of urgency. It is because of the results that our Belize team have delivered that we are able to be in the wonderful position to create more jobs and provide opportunities for career growth.” said Jim Beré, Alta Resources Chairman and CEO. Interested candidates can learn more about career opportunities and apply online by visiting or emailing [email protected].

Alta Resources headquarters and fulfillment center is in Neenah, Wisconsin, and additional locations are in Brea, California, Fort Myers, Florida and Pasig City, Philippines.