Alta Resources 2022 Year in Review

January 31, 2023

Looking back on 2022, it was impossible for us not to notice something was unique about our highlights list this year. There was a thread that ran through each story that was too touching to be overlooked—relationships. We entered into some new relationships, we celebrate the ones we have and honor a special one who has been with us for 40 years. We continuously improved how we develop and grow relationships with our employees and clients, and we graciously appreciate when others notice our dedication to them. In other words, relationships are the reason we exist. Not just at Alta, but in life.

We hope you enjoy this year in review as we explore the more human side of Alta this year.

Our family grew as we welcomed BRM.

Earlier this year, BRM, a Colombia-based full-service BPO solutions provider, joined the Alta team. Its founders, Juan Pablo Serrano and Pilar Jaramillo, built BRM to be a leading provider of customer experience solutions and digital marketing services in South America since 2005.

BRM impressed us for many reasons, but what really solidified our decision was their proven track record of prioritizing employee engagement and excellence in serving clients. Their “relationships are everything” approach to business assured us BRM would be a great addition to our organization.

Juan Pablo and Pilar, along with senior leadership, will remain with Alta and provide important continuity of leadership and continued success.

Welcome, BRM. We’re thrilled to have you on board.

Employees are feeling more engaged and connected than ever.

Employees are the heart and soul of our workplace, and we strive daily to make Alta a company employees want to invest in, because we know the value of quality, engaged employees. It’s because of them we are able to provide world class customer experiences every single day.

After impressive Gallup Q12 survey results in 2021, Alta team members showed up even more impressively in 2022! And not just a little—they broke records in every category. Here are a few highlights:

This is undoubtedly an achievement that speaks to the hard work, dedication, and laser focus of every employee to help make Alta a workplace destination, and we are so grateful for their commitment to this goal—we believe it has everything to do with the success of the next heartwarming story.

Like proud parents showcasing their refrigerator art, we couldn’t be prouder of our employees and our engagement efforts being recognized.

To be acknowledged for our mission-driven efforts is exciting; it’s another thing when it comes from not one, but two, elite leaders in their own rite—Forbes and Gallup.

Alta was named to Forbes’ 2022 List for Best Mid-Sized Employers second year in a row. In addition, Alta is also ranked 21st out of 75 on the list of Best Wisconsin Employers. Making the Forbes list is a privilege in itself, but the true honor is in knowing our employees put Alta on that list.

Gallup has also taken note, utilizing Alta as a case study, multiple times, of what a successful employee engagement initiative looks like. On every occasion, Gallup highlighted not only Alta’s impressive survey results, but the various methods in which Alta has taken Gallup’s best practice techniques and made them their own.

It’s no secret we take engagement seriously; our employees are both our greatest asset and our secret weapon. Without them, none of these meaningful stories would exist.

We can celebrate our teams’ victories in person again, thankfully.

For the first time since 2019, Alta can continue its esteemed, long-held annual tradition of a night of gratitude, recognition, and celebration for a distinguished group of agents who surpassed expectations. Ace of Spades, the top tier of a three-tier recognition program at Alta, celebrates the top 10% of the organization, who are personally selected for the honor based on certain performance and character-based criteria. We know our employees feel valued when they see their hard work pay off and can be recognized in front of their leaders and peers, so to say we’re excited to celebrate our team in person again is an understatement!

We’re perpetually committed to strengthening the ways we support our work family.

Each year, we derive feedback from the Gallup Q12 employee engagement survey on where or how we can strengthen our relationships with our team members. There was an opportunity to enhance growth and education opportunities, and the timing was right to next-level our learning management system. Alta AcadeMe Learning and Development Center was launched, and it will serve as a dynamic hub for team and individual training and coaching. We’re excited to see it more fully come to life in 2023.

They say it takes a village…and the village keeps showing up.

Multiple communities that Alta calls home, and the residents in them, took devastating hits from Mother Nature this past year. In the Philippines, Super Typhoon Rai (Odette) left hundreds of thousands of residents homeless in late 2021, and roughly a dozen Alta employees were left to pick up the pieces along with their friends and families. In southwest Florida in September, Hurricane Ian became one of the most catastrophic natural disasters Florida has ever seen. The amount of damage that community experienced may take years to rebuild from, and all 800 Alta employees were impacted. In November, Hurricane Lisa swept through Belize with high-speed winds and massive flooding. Most of our employees temporarily lost electricity but were fortunately otherwise safe.

What makes this story special is that when one of our communities endures adversity, we all feel it. Employees across the globe rallied around each other with fervor and deep compassion, helping fellow colleagues in times of great need. Employee Relief Funds were created to help those deeply impacted by the devastation to help lift them up. It’s a true love story that entails the mindset “it takes a village.” Together, Alta employees persevered and demonstrated what it looks like when co-workers become family. We couldn’t be prouder of the Alta team.

We celebrated a client anniversary for the record books.

Whenever a client chooses Alta, we value that decision immensely because we know they have options, and we are the choice they make. We take each relationship very seriously, and we do our best to deliver on our promises day in and day out, so they never have to question their decision.

This year, we salute a client who has chosen Alta over and over again since our relationship began 40 years ago. Read that again! Milestones like that are rare in any industry, and it doesn’t happen without mutual trust, respect, and commitment. So, thank you—you know who you are—for a wonderful 40 years. And thank you to all our clients—whether you’ve been with us for 40 years or one year—we appreciate your continued trust in Alta.

There were many reasons to celebrate in 2022, and just as many to reflect on and count our blessings. All in all, 2022 was a great reminder that business is just business without the people who make it worthwhile. It takes a village, and if you treat people right, the village keeps showing up.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, prosperous 2023!