Alta Leads Discussion on Conversational AI at Customer Contact Week Digital

Alta Leads Discussion on Conversational AI at Customer Contact Week Digital

November 16, 2021

On November 16th, Dara Rodziewicz, AI Director at Alta Resources, delivered an interactive webinar, “How to Bring Conversational AI into the Voice Channel”, during Customer Contact Week Digital’s online event. During the discussion, Rodziewicz discussed the state of the voice channel in the customer contact space­­––why it’s both the most used and the most complex of the various channels. Rodziewicz then shared insights on how companies can optimize the voice channel with smart contact center solutions, specifically how to use conversational AI to drive efficiencies and reduce costs, as well as improve the customer and agent experience.

“I think we’ve all had one of those negative experiences-–being stuck in a continuous loop [trying to get an answer from a voice bot without success]. That came as a result of some companies jumping in [to conversational AI] too quickly, trying to manage every type of customer need with a fully autonomous conversation right off the bat, and without giving customers a way to get to a live agent,” Rodziewicz stated. Rodziewicz demonstrated Alta’s autoMate AI platform, which includes its own virtual assistant designed to handle low-complexity calls on its own while seamlessly transitioning the customer to an agent when personal assistance is necessary.

“Ultimately, customers want low-effort experiences. And if agents aren’t empowered with automation, with these conversational AI capabilities, it’s really going to become more and more obvious to the customer. So, anything contact centers can do to leverage automation in the background, to keep the agent focused on providing a timely resolution to the customer, is going to be essential for success going forward.”

Alta’s autoMate AI tool also includes real-time voice transcription, live agent assist, and robotic process automation for a more engaging agent experience that promotes higher customer satisfaction scores, shorter handle times, and even lower attrition rates.

When asked to give customer contact center leaders advice on getting started with conversational AI, Rodziewicz replied, “If you haven’t already, start simple. Don’t try to dive in with something complex. Always consider customer experience when adding different intents to make sure there’s a way to speak to a live agent and provide that warm and friendly experience when needed.”

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