Alta Leader Educates at Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Contact West

Alta Leader Educates at Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Contact West

November 23, 2021

On October 26th, 2021, Amy Bouthilet, Vice President of Global Talent at Alta Resources, spoke at Customer Contact West, A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange. At this interactive event, a community of customer contact, customer experience, and operations executives come together with a common goal of seeking and sharing new ideas and creative approaches to common challenges in the customer experience and contact center industry.

In her session, Bouthilet presented “Using Personas to Inform the End-to-End Customer Journey,” an interactive session about how customer personas play a critical role in understanding how to best serve an organization’s customers along their digital journey. Bouthilet provided actionable strategies on how to effectively collect data and insights to develop personas unique to an organization’s brand and leverage those personas to make informed decisions that enhance customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Attendees walked away with:

In their own words, attendees said they discovered new ways to develop or improve their own journey mapping strategies by leveraging data and recreating call center scenarios in what some described as “the best session of the week––great content, feedback, and excellent audience engagement.” In Bouthilet’s own words, when asked why customer personas were an integral part of the overall customer journey development, she emphasized, “Anytime we can forge a meaningful connection with a customer, especially in a short time, it helps build a brand advocate for life. People want to feel listened to, understood, and valued––and customer personas are a meaningful and tangible way for customer experience specialists to help strengthen those touchpoints.”

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