woman in white dress shops in Manila

Alta Establishes Retail Center of Excellence in Manila, Philippines

Septemeber 14, 2023

Alta has established a Retail Center of Excellence, dedicated to providing industry-leading consumer experiences in the retail sector. Located in Manila, Philippines, the Retail Center will help retailers build brand loyalty among their customers, by leaning on Alta’s proven CX capabilities and cost-effective solutions.

As a leading provider of outsourced contact center services and world-class customer experience to some of the world’s largest, most trusted, and most innovative brands, the Retail Center of Excellence was designed to establish a centralized hub for quality retailers to confidently rely on quality CX experts, as retailers try to find new and innovative way to appeal to their buyers.

“Our Manila RCE team is on a mission to deliver the leading customer experience solutions for luxury retailers looking for an offshore or near-shore solution,” said Jim Beré, Alta’s chairman and CEO. “Our vision is to become the most trusted name for retail customer experience solutions, and helping retailers build confidence in their brand loyalty at a time where loyalty is waning worldwide can do just that.”

“Customers expect a seamless experience from a company or brand, no matter which channel they use that day. Consumers are choosing companies who can transcend the channel and offer a superior customer experience throughout their buying journey, no matter where they are,” said Kobi Eusebio, Vice President for Philippines Operations. “As a result, retailers are placing critical importance on partnering with outsourced customer experience experts who can meet and exceed these growing expectations, all while helping them look for cost-saving methods to do so. That’s why we’re thrilled to establish our Manila facility as the Retail Center of Excellence at Alta and continue building value-driven solutions for our retail market.”

The cutting edge Center is located in the heart of downtown Manila, deemed “The Next Luxury Hotspot” by Forbes.