Vincent Valeri

Vincent Valeri has been in healthcare insurance operations for Alta Resources since 2013, first as an Operations Director and now as a Vice President Operations & Analytics. As a specialist in the healthcare insurance industry, Vincent excels in complex program analytics, rollout, execution and management both domestically and abroad. Vincent is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt who is able to quickly assess needs and deliver solutions for Alta’s customers.

With a B.S. degree in both Finance and Applied Economics from Florida State University; and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University with an emphasis in Leading Organizations, Vincent began his career as an Equity Trader where he excelled in the fast-paced, detail-oriented environment. He quickly progressed into leadership and later joined Aegis Communications Group where he managed the multi-site operations for the nation’s leading health insurance provider. Vincent is a Keel Club Member for the United Way of Lee County, FL and is active in fundraising for local charities.