When we created Alta, we knew that we wanted to have the highest levels of customer service.  We work to ensure that every time we interact with your customers, we provide a human, authentic, satisfying answer.  But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have an eye on efficiency.

We believe that the keys to efficiency are strong training, careful analysis, and a keen eye on your business.  Time has taught us that with focus on these three key elements, we can find ways to get increasingly effective and efficient.

Before anyone starts working on your business, we ensure that they’re trained on your brand and on all the programs they’ll need to use to help your customers.  We want our reps to hit the ground running.  Then we monitor their performance and look for opportunities to upgrade their skills.  We’re never satisfied – we’re always looking for ways to improve.

We also love data.  Our program directors are constantly looking at key indicators to see where issues arise and where opportunity exists.  Our goal is to come to you with suggested efficiency improvements before you ask.  Analysis helps us do that.

With tools like Lean Six Sigma, we analyze the entire process to find the places where changes can bring big efficiencies Alta has deeply invested in Six Sigma to bring continuous improvement, fuel innovation, and most importantly, optimize the customer experience. Since implementing Lean and Six Sigma in 2005, we have successfully trained 100+ employees, as well as clients, in the art of project management and the science of continuous process improvements.

We’re also told that our program directors often know our customers’ business as well as they do.  By working closely with you to understand goals, challenges and news, our program directors are able to find possibilities you might not have even imagined.