Content Moderation

Content Moderation has been a hot-button topic for companies with digital communication platforms for a while, but it has gained a lot of traction in the media as of late, due to inappropriate, harmful information being spread online, particularly in social media. The bad press has caused many organizations who manage a community-based platform to scramble to put together an effective content moderation and data annotation strategy to safeguard and protect their online community, while maximizing the brand’s user-generated, content-sharing experience.

But content moderation is so much more than just mitigating negative content. In this digital age, organizations can benefit from monitoring and moderating their online community in more strategic, proactive ways––instead of solely focusing on single-case issues to resolve, they can get a panoramic view of the overall conversation through data analytics and reporting. At Alta Resources, our digital content moderators can put their skills to good use by gaining insights that might otherwise go unnoticed, identifying trends, and creating opportunities for elevating your brand.

Our content moderation services combine cutting-edge, automated digital moderation tools with unparalleled human support. Our platform moderation team can work quickly and efficiently to identify noteworthy user-generated content, categorize it based on whether it hurts or helps your brand, then take appropriate action immediately. Then, through comprehensive moderation and analysis, we’ll circle back with trend reporting and other insights-driven recommendations to position your brand as a leader in building and maintaining strong online communities in your industry.

Data Annotation

Similar to content moderation, our data annotation team scans particularly for non-textual content; that is, images and videos, and then categorizes and labels them textually, for improved AI applications and the ability to be moderated at the same level of professional accuracy as the rest of the content we monitor.

Benefits of Content Moderation & Data Annotation

By relying on Alta Resources for moderating content and annotating data, you can get back to inspiring your community to continue sharing posts, images and videos with friends and followers, while you continue provide an overall more pleasant experience on your platform. Or let our customer care and social media teams do that for you.

Trend Analysis & Insights Reporting

Alta’s dedicated team of analysts, along with its innovative moderation and analysis toolset, keeps the future of your brand at the forefront of its focus. From inappropriate posts to influencer potential, our insights reporting has got you covered.

Community Safety

You rely on your community, and your community relies on you. A relationship built on trust, it’s paramount to protect your online community from misleading or inappropriate content. Alta works with your company policies to manage content that’s inappropriate, offensive, or even dangerous, so that you can promote your online community without concern of repercussions that could harm your community or your brand.

Alta uses technology and AI to flag content which is then assessed by our digital content moderators to make the final call on whether the content should be removed or was incorrectly flagged and re-entered back into the content feed. Each time that is done, it improves the overall efficiency and precision of the AI tools.

User Profile Reviews

Alta’s AI tool can scan user profiles, not only for malicious content and non-text imagery and videos, but it can verify user profiles, flagging those that are not authentic. This same methodology works for identifying potential brand influencers as well.

Brand Presence

It’s not just your community you need to keep safe––your content and reputation is on the line as well. Online communities are built on trust, so distrust can quickly ruin your brand. Keep your reputation solid by placing trust in Alta’s digital content moderation team.