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Content Moderation & Data Annotation
Content Moderation & Data Annotation

Empowering Agents in the Changing CX Landscape

In regaining a sense of excitement for collaboration and continued advancement in the distributed work environment, companies are strategically investing in their employees and can adequately equip them to handle their day-to-day workflow.

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User-generated content is a powerful tool with endless possibilities to connect to your online community while your community connects with each other. It also opens the door to inappropriate, misleading, offensive, and even dangerous and threatening content.

With the continuous influx of user-generated content online, it’s critical to keep ahead of user-generated content on every digital platform and eliminate content that can be potentially damaging to your online community, such as manipulation, coercion, misinformation, bullying, fraud and more.

But it’s not just your community you need to keep safe – your reputation is on the line as well. Online communities are built on trust, so distrust can quickly ruin your brand reputation. Fostering a safe community means you can freely encourage community engagement, affect buying habits, build a positive brand perception, and resolve conflicts quickly and effectively.

Brand & Customer Care

Social care for brands

We manage our clients’ brand pages on various platforms to engage with their consumers, addressing comments, questions, ratings, reviews, and inappropriate content that is not captured by the native platform.

Content Moderation

Social care and fraud protection for digital platforms

We monitor for inappropriate content (text, photos and videos) that is dangerous, threatening, malicious or otherwise unsafe, that artificial intelligence can’t do alone.

Fraud Monitoring

Phishing protection for online communities

We investigate questionable posts and profiles for fraudulent activity for our clients with e-commerce platforms to ensure their online community is safe from phishing schemes.

Employees working together, collaborating a solution

Get back to doing what you do best
And let Alta handle your content needs

By relying on Alta Resources for content moderation, your community can freely enjoy connecting with their friends and family, asking for and giving recommendations, learning, shopping and more without experiencing unnecessarily unpleasant, unsafe or even fraudulent content on your platform.

of consumers see security as the most important element of their online experience.

– Experian

of consumers say that user-generated content can help them in making a purchasing decision.

– AdWeek

Alta earned Gallup’sBest Practice Demonstrated Engagement Excellence” Recognition in 2021

Why Alta?
Our foundation in Customer Care gives us a unique advantage

When artificial intelligence alone can’t make a call, you need human intervention to make critical decisions. That’s where Alta thrives. Our 25+ year history in customer care makes us specially equipped to monitor questionable content and make decisions that are in the best interest of company policy in a timely, effective manner.

Trend analysis & insights reporting

Our content moderation and data annotation team can combat threats while identifying user trends and brand opportunities, so your community and your brand can continue to thrive. We leverage our customer care expertise by identifying insights that might otherwise go unnoticed during traditional content moderation, creating opportunities to elevate your brand.

Care isn’t just what we do
it’s how we do it.

For 25+ years, companies have trusted Alta to care for their customers. The satisfaction, safety and trust provided on our clients’ behalf through our Customer Care and Sales is also extended to our employees. Our frontline team members give us the opportunity to provide outstanding care, and we know they work tirelessly to give the service your customers deserve. It’s only right that we always have, and always will, go to the same great lengths for them in return.

Employee wellness is our number one priority

A resilient person not only understands an adverse or dangerous situation they’ve experienced but their emotions surrounding it as well, so that they can remain in control of their wellbeing. But resilience isn’t a birthright to be expected in every individual without the proper training and ongoing support. At Alta, we understand the magnitude of content moderation at its darkest and the toll it can take on employees working on the front lines. We are committed to employee wellness as the top priority when considering content moderation opportunities.

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