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Augmenting the Customer and Employee Experience AI

Matt Nelson
Posted in: AI

At Alta, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve in delivering exceptional customer service. That’s why, for the last six years, our dedicated AI team has worked effortlessly to streamline customer interactions, enhance efficiency, and ultimately boost customer satisfaction. Here is a reintroduction to autoMate, our in-house AI system designed to transform the way we handle customer care.

In traditional customer service setups, customers are initially directed to a care representative through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. While IVR systems help route calls based on a series of questions, they often fall short of creating a seamless experience. Once connected to a care rep, customers frequently find themselves repeating information they already provided to the IVR, leading to frustration and longer call times.

autoMate addresses these pain points by ensuring a smooth transition from the IVR system to the care representative. When a customer reaches a care rep, autoMate provides a detailed transcript of the interaction with the IVR, including all the information the customer has already shared. This means that care reps are instantly up to speed and can focus on resolving the issue without needing the customer to repeat themselves. But that’s just the beginning. As soon as the care rep answers the call, autoMate switches gears from IVR to real-time note-taking. It captures the ongoing conversation, automatically updating customer contact information and documenting the interaction. This allows care reps to concentrate fully on the customer, knowing that autoMate is handling the administrative side of things.

With autoMate, calls are not only smoother, but faster too. The AI significantly reduces the average handle time, which means customers spend less time on the phone. This efficiency boost directly impacts our key performance metrics: Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) see notable increases, thanks to the seamless and efficient service.

At the end of each call, autoMate provides a complete transcript of the conversation, along with an analysis of the call’s tone—whether it was negative, neutral, or positive. This feature is continually refined through machine learning, allowing autoMate to accurately predict survey scores even before the call concludes. Such predictive capabilities enable us to identify patterns in customer interactions and proactively address areas needing improvement.

One of the most remarkable aspects of autoMate is its ability to learn and improve over time. Each interaction provides data that helps the AI become more accurate and efficient. This learning process is particularly valuable because it allows us to gather customer satisfaction data without relying solely on post-call surveys, which many customers opt out of. As a result, we can make faster, data-driven decisions to enhance our service.

autoMate also brings significant benefits to our internal processes. By handling transcription and information management, the AI reduces the training time required for new employees. Care reps no longer need extensive training on where to input data or how to retrieve it; autoMate manages these tasks consistently and accurately, minimizing the risk of human error.

Developed by the talented AI team at Alta, autoMate embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service. As we continue to refine and expand its capabilities, we are confident that autoMate will set a new standard in customer care, helping us deliver unparalleled service to our clients and their customers. autoMate is more than just an AI tool; it’s been a game-changer that enhances the customer experience, boosts efficiency, and provides valuable insights for continuous improvement. We’re excited to dive into what’s next in shaping the future of AI-augmented customer care at Alta and beyond.

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