Alta Resources' Amy Bouthlilet, Patrick Nicholson, Mark Strassburg, and Steve Seidl celebrate Amy receiving the 2023 SOCAP Impact Supreme Trainer Award

Alta’s Amy Bouthilet Recognized for Her Outstanding Achievements in Employee Engagement

Patrick Nicholson
Posted in: Customer Service

In the realm of customer service, where excellence is the gold standard, recognizing the brightest stars in the industry becomes a defining moment. Amy Bouthilet, Vice President of Global Talent at Alta Resources, has illuminated this path with her outstanding contributions. Her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional training and development within the customer service industry recently earned her the prestigious SOCAP Impact Supreme Trainer Award.

The SOCAP Impact Supreme Trainer Award is a testament to an individual’s exemplary customer service skills, profound knowledge, and consummate professionalism. It stands as a symbol of dedication to the craft of serving clients. This accolade considers various facets of customer service excellence, including customer satisfaction, adept problem-solving skills, and the exceptional ability to transcend the conventional boundaries of customer support.

Amy Bouthilet’s journey to the pinnacle of her profession is one marked by sheer determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence. She has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that her clients and colleagues receive not just satisfactory service, but an experience that sets new standards. Amy’s commitment to fostering a culture of superior customer service and development is truly commendable.

The SOCAP Impact Supreme Trainer award is a distinction reserved for those who have displayed exceptional expertise and excellence in the domain of training and development within the customer service industry. Amy’s remarkable achievement in this field has not only enriched the knowledge and skills of her peers but has also significantly contributed to the growth and success of the customer service sector.

SOCAP, or the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business, is a non-profit trade association that serves as the beacon for industry professionals seeking education, networking, and resources. For over five decades, SOCAP has been instrumental in nurturing the talents and expertise of individuals in the customer service domain, transforming them into leaders and innovators.

Amy Bouthilet’s receipt of the SOCAP Impact Supreme Trainer Award serves as an inspiration to all of us at Alta Resources. Her remarkable journey exemplifies the heights we can reach when we combine dedication, expertise, and a passion for excellence. It also underscores the importance of fostering a culture of learning, development, and unwavering commitment to customer service within our organization.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Amy Bouthilet on this remarkable achievement. Thank you for inspiring us to reach for the stars and beyond in the pursuit of customer service excellence.​