Artificial Intelligence

AI that enhances the customer experience and saves money? It’s how we use innovation.

There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence these days. But it only makes sense if it has real-world impact. At Alta we studied the customer journey and found exactly the right places to apply AI.  The result is an improved customer experience and a more efficient process.  Our agents like it better as well.

At Alta, we use AI to provide agent augmentation, smart routing, self-service, insights and analytics, and automated conversations.

Agent Augmentation

We use AI to pre-populate data and then recommend appropriate articles from the knowledge base for our agents, saving valuable time on repetitive tasks.  This allows our agents to focus on really listening and empathizing with the customer.

Our AI can even suggest case codes and prefill other key information.  The agent, of course, has the power to override these if appropriate, but in general we’re able to take away much of the manual typing of most call centers.

Smart Routing

AI can “triage” contacts using tools like keyword mining to determine which are urgent and which are less pressing.  We can also use it to route contacts to agents, based upon personality fit or skill. This allows us to provide quicker, more personal service while still uncovering new efficiencies. 

Self Service

Many customers prefer to find information and answers on their own.  We use AI to help direct them, making it easier and more satisfying.

Insights and Analytics

Using tools like word mining and regression, we’re able to use AI to better score agent quality and to find key trends in customer contacts.  This helps us coach our agents more effectively.  It also helps us to better understand and utilize customer data. It allows us to capture rich voice-of-customer data synthesized from existing consumer conversations.

Automated Conversations

Our AI can also power automated conversations using tools like chatbots and virtual agents when appropriate.

Two huge multinational companies have already chosen to implement our AI solution. But it’s available to all of our customers.  We’re ready to use innovation to make customers happier, improve the agent experience, stimulate growth for our customers, and find new efficiencies.